General Criteria

In general, all grant applications will be reviewed for:

  • Affiliation with CHI, either as a CHI market-based organization, joint operating agreement, community health service organization, strategic partner organization  or facility.  Participating congregations may also submit grant applications for a sponsored ministry.
  • Congruence with CHI Core Values and Vision
  • Feasibility and soundness of approach
  • Ability to demonstrate sustainability beyond grant period
  • Potential for replication/organizational commitment to educate others about the initiative

Project Grants

In addition to the general criteria, project grant applications will be reviewed for:

  • Documentation of identified community need
  • Collaboration with other community organizations
  • Ability to demonstrate measurable outcomes based on sound data
  • Ability of applicant to provide partial project financing through in-kind organizational support and additional sources for on-going funding

Note: An organization may have both active domestic project grants and active international project grants.

Planning Grants

In addition to the general criteria, planning grant applications will be reviewed for:

  • Comprehensiveness – coalition is broad-based, including human services, business, schools, churches, government, etc.
  • Coordination – work is done in a formal manner, following the process adapted by CHI
  • Community participation – stakeholders from the community and/or neighborhood participate in visioning, planning and implementing activities; coalition works toward community ownership
  • Capacity building – coalition works to build on assets already present in the community rather than just focusing on community needs
  • Change – coalition works to make lasting, systemic changes in how the community works together

Violence Prevention Grants

In addition to the general criteria and planning grant criteria, violence prevention grant applications will be reviewed for: 

  • Participation in an in-person education session (cost of this meeting will be paid by CHI)
  • On-going participation in a work group of CHI colleagues to develop specific criteria for Mission and Ministry Fund Violence Prevention grants, gain greater understanding of community-based violence prevention efforts and share knowledge and experience; networking will include conference calls, reviewing educational materials and Live Meeting education sessions  (cost associated with this work group will be paid by CHI)

International Grants

In addition to the general criteria, project grants criteria, and planning grants criteria, international grants will be reviewed for:

  • Funds must go through an intermediary who meets the general criteria for affiliation and resides in the U.S.
  • Funds may be used for capital expenses and for overhead/other indirect costs incurred by the organization; all other exclusions (link to exclusions page) listed for grants apply to international grants
  • Mid-year and end-of-year reports, with financial statements, will be required for submission to CHI; the U.S. intermediary is responsible for the submission of these reports
  • Up to 10% of the total amount available may be awarded for international grants
  • Applications and all reports are to be submitted in English and U.S. dollars; all funding will be awarded in U.S. dollars
  • Unless otherwise addressed in this section (International Grants) all other conditions, requirements, criteria, guidelines, etc. also apply to international grants

An advisory committee will review and prioritize the grant proposals. The committee will be comprised of internal and external representatives drawn from:

  • Representatives of the Participating Congregations
  • CHI Board of Stewardship Trustees
  • Outside experts

Proposals that have been favorably reviewed will be recommended for approval to the Board of Stewardship Trustees. The board will determine the grant proposals to be funded.

Review grant conditions and exclusions.

All grant decisions are final.

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